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Anti-Bullying & Suicide Awareness Stage Play

STD & HIV Awareness Stage Play

Award Winning Stage Play "When the Smoke Cleared" + Interactive Workshop


“When the Smoke Cleared” examines taboo issues experienced by youth and young adults such as bullying, suicide, parenting, sex, and drug abuse. It  portrays the lives of young people maneuvering through life, making decisions, seeking acceptance, and trying to find their place in the world. Negative choices engulf them in a world of confusion and the repercussions are widespread.


"Therapy" The Stage Play + Interactive Workshop


"Therapy" gives a look into the intimate details of a college couple in their late teens and early twenty's. The young couple decides to attend  a therapy session on campus to get to the bottom of their issues, which include cheating, poor communication, distrust, partying, and promiscuity. Their relationship has taken a toxic turn, and by the end of the play we learn exactly how dangerous it has become when one of them reveals the results of a past HIV test.


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Mental Health Docu-series

We're Too Young To Die

STD & HIV Awareness Documentary

Generation Next: Uncovered

Our New 7 Part Docu-series


This docu-series is a resource to help youth, educators, and parents responsibly navigate mental health topics, which are often times neglected in educational settings. Our goal is to reduce stigma and provide education and prevention strategies.


The  7 Part Series By Topic:


  • Topic 1 - Bullying
  • Topic 2 - Social Media
  • Topic 3 - Peers & Pressure
  • Topic 4 - Self-esteem
  • Topic 5 - Depression
  • Topic 6 - Self Harm & Suicide
  • Topic 7 - Overcoming Obstacles & Achieving Success

Philly Teens Discuss Their Attitudes Towards Sex,

Pop Culture, and Social Media


iChoose2live and Take Control Philly, a Philadelphia Department of Public Health program, partnered to create this 19 minute documentary style video. It captures the open and honest conversations of young adults ages 14 to 22 surrounding sex, pop culture, and technology.


Generation Next: Uncovered features local celebrities and leaders like DJ Damage, an on-air personality for P. Diddy's Revolt TV Network and GoGo Morrow, a recording artist who toured with Lady Gaga.


Our Mission

Reduce The Stigma, Increase Knowledge, and Improve Attitudes and Behaviors

Related to Mental Health and Sexual Health.

2 Out Of 3

Teens are verbally or physically harassed every year

Nearly Half

of all new std's are among youth ages 15 to 24

Over Half

of teens have been bullied online


of High school students didn't use a condom the last time they had sex


is the 2nd leading cause of death for youth ages 10 to 24


ages 13 to 24 accounted for 26% of all new hiv infections


is the leading cause of suicide if untreated

Black Youth

accounted for 57% of all new hiv infections


Source: Philadelphia Department of Public Health, 2011

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